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Ionic Himalayan Crystal Bath Salt
Genuine Natural Himalayan Bath Salts are carefully mined from deep within the Himalayan Mountains, Himalayan Pink bath salt is world-renowned and considered an absolute treasure. Himalayan bath salt is known as a “Jurassic” salt, formed during Prehistoric times from ancient sea beds that were pushed up into the mountain range and perfectly preserved by volcanic ash. It is considered by many to be the purest salt on earth. 
It is completely unrefined and comes to you in its raw, natural form... Because of its location and how it was formed it is extremely pure and free of contaminants or pollutants. It gains its pink color from the high content of Iron; however it also contains trace amounts of 84 minerals and elements including Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Iodine, Zinc and Sodium.  Much like the Rock Salt Lamps, Bath Salts are known for their cleansing effect on the body, as they balance the ion concentrations within our bodies by dissolving in water, creating a solution of negative ions that draws out the harmful positive ions from our body systems.
For more information and benefits click on this link to All Natural Himalayan Salt
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